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In 2023, Samara Table Co. joined those who are protecting, managing, and restoring forests globally.

As a producer of primarily wood products, Samara Table Co. is focused on restoration in addition to supporting sustainable lumber harvesting.


In addition to using lumber from sustainable harvesting sources:

Samara Table Co. will plant 1 tree for every wooden board they ship.

Samara Table Co. will plant 10 trees for every table they deliver.


"It's important to us that we leave the world in a better state than we found it", says Davis White, co-owner of Samara Table Co. "As a Boy Scout, I was taught not only the concepts of 'leave no trace', but if there was an opportunity to reverse the destructive actions of others who came before us, we were taught that it was our responsibility to fix it and I surely won't miss the chance to step up if I am able."

Samara Table Co. is partnering with multiple local and international organizations that plant native trees not only in their own community of Houston, Texas, but are linking arms with global partners for worldwide change.

Davis White, co-owner of Samara Table Co. enjoying nature in Muir Woods National Monument


Below are the organizations we'll be trusting to plant these trees in a sustainable, helpful, and responsible way. You can find out more about these organizations by visiting their website or reviewing their profile on Charity Navigator.

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