Bulk Personalized Promotional Boards

Bulk Personalized Promotional Boards

Make a customer, client, or business partner feel appreciated! 

Give a gift they will use for YEARS with a reminder of who gave it to them.


You place the order, and we ship directly to the recipient!

We'll hold on to your inventory - No need to store a tower of boxes in your office!

We offer free next-business-day shipping for every board.


Put their name on the front, and your information on the back! It's the easiest write-off you've had all year.


We're super excited to offer FREE SHIPPING with every board order!


    • Each Charcuterie board is approximately 17 by 8 inches in size and .75 inches thick
    • Each Cutting board is approximately 17 by 10.5 inches in size and 1 inch thick
    • Your logo/business name will be engraved on the back of the board in an approximate area of 3x3 inches
    • Every board comes pre-finished with our custom beeswax and mineral oil blend

    You place the order, and we ship directly to the recipient!

    Whenever you need a board, simply notfiy us!

    We will ship the board on the business day following the date of request!

    No price information is inside the box - that's just between us!

  • FAQs

    Will the price appear anywhere inside the box?

    No price information is inside the box - that's just between us! The recipient gets only their custom-made board in our premium packaging.


    Can I deliver this myself?

    Yes! We will ship the board to whatever address you send us when requesting a board.


    How quickly will the board be sent?

    Boards are typically mailed one business day after the order is placed.


    How will I know the recipient got their board?

    We will send you an Email with a tracking number for each board.


    Can I order multiple boards for the holidays or an event?

    Absolutely! You can either contact us directly, or go through checkout as many times as you need!

  • 5-Star Reviews!

    • "Samara makes such wonderful, long-lasting products and my clients love to receive them as closing gifts. Unlike other gifts they will eventually throw away, my name, logo and phone number will appear on that board and they will be reminded of me every time they turn it over to wash it. They’ll never have to search for my phone number or forget about me. Great product, worth every penny and great people behind Samara." - Amy McGee, Compass Real Estate


    • "I am so impressed with Samara Table Company’s closing gifts.  The boards themselves are stunning & so practical.  The packaging is beyond impressive! Perhaps the most important aspect is the customer care.  I can’t say enough about Jennie White.  Her & her team are number 1 in my books.  Thank you for the best closing gifts that are so loved & appreciated by my clients!!" - Deb Ambrosi, Broker, Ambrosi Realty


    • "I LOVE the Samara Table Company Boards! I have one and it makes me smile every time I use it! Most of my clients have stood it up in their house on display and refuse to use it because they think it's so pretty! One even hung it on the wall! Jennie and her team are awesome to work with and I know they put as much heart into their products as I put into my work, it's a perfect gift for me to give my clients!" - Tiffany Bean, White Oak Realty Group, Compass Real Estate


    • "I have absolutely LOVED having the chance to work with Samara Table for just about a year now. As a long time Realtor I always struggled with closing gifts. I am a TERRIBLE gift giver by nature and just couldn't seem to be consistent in my gifts. When my Husband found Samara Table on YouTube and told me about it I knew I needed to sign up right away! I ordered a year's supply of boards immediately without ever having seen a board in person. This has been by FAR the easiest year I have had for closing gifts! I LOVE getting pictures of my clients with their boards when they arrive a couple days after closing. It is a great talking point and an amazing way to tell my clients I am still here for them even after the transaction closes. It is also really neat going to their home, or house warming parties and the boards are on display for all to see! It has truly been a game changer. Not only all of that but this company's communication is impeccable, I never once have to worry about a ball being dropped because I am informed from start to finish, as soon as the order is received, and then shipped and then delivered! It takes quite a bit to say I truly love a company but I truly LOVE this company!" - Jordan Hoskins, Keller Williams Realty