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Lead-Generation for Agents looking to grow who hate cold calls, flyering, and door knocking.
(and don't want to waste money on paid leads)

Your clients will make you famous if you make them feel special

Let us help you Fill Your Own Pipelinewith organic word-of-mouth referrals! 

Don't waste your family time door-knocking and flyering.

Quit paying for leads that go nowhere.

The Secret to a Full Pipeline for Real Estate Agents 🤫

We started providing luxury closing gifts to Agents during the pandemic with a 1-day turnaround.

Our smartest Agents found out that they received many referrals from our gifts, and they wanted to send something to everyone they knew to get referrals.

So we took the magic formula for our gifts that get referrals:

  • High-Quality Home Goods

  • Luxurious Packaging

  • Personalized for the Recipient

  • Discreetly Includes the Agent's info


And applied it to many different handmade gifts that are proudly displayed in the home.

Using our system, it's unreasonable for an Agent NOT to have a full pipeline of leads for the next several deals! That's why we guarantee results.*

Davis and Jennie White - Owners of Samara Table Co.


Call me (Jennie) and I'd love to show you how we can fill your pipeline!

* Guarantee of Results subject to Terms & Conditions of the Fill Your Own Pipeline™ product.

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