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Your New Gifting Dashboard Awaits!


No more searching through your inbox!

Upgrading to our enhanced experience only has 5 steps.
But you must do all 5!

1. Click the "Register" button below and follow the steps (you may have to verify your Email this first time)

2. Once you're finished with Registration, click "See the Upgrades!" to see your new Dashboard!!

3. Bookmark the Dashboard page for quick access.

The Dashboard page is where you will request boards and it will always show your current board inventory (after you complete step 4)!

4. Reply to our Email when you've completed steps 1-3 so I can load your remaining inventory.

5. Wait for my Email and you're ready to send boards from your new Dashboard! Just click the "Send a Board" button and fill out the form.

On the white square at the top of the page you'll see an area that says "My Requests".

Going forward, that's where you'll see your past board requests, tracking numbers, etc.!

Let me know if you have any trouble - give me a call and I can walk you through it!


Jennie White

Samara Table Co.

Your clients will make you famous if you make them feel special

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