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My friend Shelly sold:


12 Homes in 2021 and 2022


41 Homes in 2023!

and the year isn't over yet.

The market got worse,

but she got better.

What changed?

Shelly gets referrals. A lot of them.

From her closing gift.


I'll show you her Secret FOR FREE: How to get GREAT LEADS in a Slow Market for NO extra money with your closing gift.

Get up to 2x 4x and even 10x your current referrals at NO additional cost

This is NOT an ad for a stupid course.

Book a call with me to learn more (if my calendar is still open)


I'm not a Realtor or a Real Estate coach.

But my best friends are Realtors and some of them are selling like crazy in this slow market when everyone else is struggling.

And they're keeping 100% of their commission.


I discovered something AMAZING about their strategy.

I'm trying to share it with as many agents as possible (for free) because I want the smartest, most loving Realtors to dominate the housing market and get rid of the bad ones.

Let's look at my friend, Shelly, to see what she's doing to sell

4 TIMES MORE HOMES than she did in 2022

and how to do it with ZERO extra dollars on leads.

How is this possible?

We swapped her closing gift with something smarter.

See, referrals are EASY and come LIKE MAGIC when you give the right closing gift to the right people. 

So what's the right gift?

That's the secret I want to share with you FOR FREE

The Perfect Realtor Gift has 3 THINGS:

1. The gift must be nice enough for the homeowners to keep.


I surveyed 300,000 homeowners. They HATE getting gift cards, baskets of cheap trinkets, and wine.

2. It must get compliments from their house guests.

It needs to catch the attention of guests at housewarming parties, brunch, or family reunions.

3. It has your contact info -- discreetly -- somewhere.

They need to remember you, but our survey was very clear:

If a 'gift' looks like an advertisementit will go straight in the garbage.

What Shelly Uses:

Your clients will make you famous if you make them feel special

4 Styles to Choose From:




Gift Wrapped & Shipped For You

Each board is gift-wrapped in luxury packaging with a hand-written card just 1 business day after you request it.

FREE Shipping in the USA for every board





Our Gifts Work

Don't have a closing coming up?

No worries! 

A new Realtor we work with just sent 3 boards to her most outgoing friends who host brunch all the time. 

You don't need to wait for your next closing to get referrals flowing!

I'll work with you every step of the way until that happens.

Stop Losing Half Your Commission for Leads!!

I can only onboard 8 new Realtors a month -  If my calendar is open, please book a call ASAP if you'd like my help to get leads.


Closing Gift Jordan Hoskins Testimonial Samara Table Co Boards

 Jordan Hoskins, Coastal Towne Realty

"As a long time Realtor I always struggled with closing gifts. I am a TERRIBLE gift giver by nature and I ordered a year's supply of boards immediately without ever having seen a board in person. I LOVE getting pictures of my clients with their boards a couple days after closing. It's an amazing way to tell my clients I am still here for them even after the transaction closes. This company's communication is impeccable, it takes quite a bit to say I truly love a company but I truly LOVE this company!"

Deb Ambrosi3.jpeg

 Deb Ambrosi,
Broker & Owner - Ambrosi Realty

"I am so impressed with Samara Table Company’s closing gifts.  The boards themselves are stunning & so practical.  The packaging is beyond impressive! Perhaps the most important aspect is the customer care.  I can’t say enough about Jennie.  Her & her team are number 1 in my books.  Thank you for the best closing gifts that are so loved & appreciated by my clients!!"

Closing Gift Amy McGee Testimonial Samara Table Co Boards

Amy McGee, Compass Real Estate

"Samara makes such wonderful, long-lasting products and my clients love to receive them as closing gifts. Unlike other gifts they will eventually throw away, my name, logo and phone number will appear on that board and they will be reminded of me every time they turn it over to wash it. They’ll never have to search for my phone number or forget about me. Great product, worth every penny and great people behind Samara."





Get Some Boards

Pre-buy boards below and after checkout we'll Email you a link to our Board Request Form. 



Request a Board

Fill out the Board Request Form whenever you need a board. We keep your inventory. 

(your boards never expire)



We Do The Rest!

We'll Engrave, Gift Wrap, and Ship Your Board the Next Business Day!



Get More Leads

Your best clients & their friends will see the board each day and remember you more often.

Green Section BG5.png

Best Closing Gift Personalized for Lead Gen

A Beautiful Gift That Brings You Leads

Most gifts get thrown away and forgotten.

Our luxury boards are personalized and proudly displayed in the kitchen

Our Automated Closing Gift System is perfect for buyers, sellers, AND those who refer clients to you.

I LOVE my Realtor friends.


So I made them

a Closing Gift

that saves time and

automates Lead-Gen

Once you request a board, we do EVERYTHING else.

Just sit back and let the leads come to you!

Have Questions?
Give me (Jennie) a call: 346.337.8494

Image Placeholder.jpg

Tried boards before?
Too bad they weren't ours...

Save Time, Save Money,
Let the Referrals Come to YOU!

  • How Does This Work?
    It's pretty simple! You place an order for a table here on the website and we start building! We'll call you within 24 hours of checkout to schedule your delivery. Most tables take 3 weeks to produce, but we'll work with you to make the timing right!
  • Every furniture builder has a waiting list... How are you faster than them?
    Simply put, our tables are hand-built by Veterans who understand the importance of keeping their word and being on-time. Also, our small batch production approach ensures we keep quality high and prices low. The trade-off is that we limit how many tables we sell. We would rather deliver 5 great tables than 50 so-so ones. Bottom line: Our business model is about maximizing the customer experience, not being greedy.
  • What's the Catch?
    I know, this sounds too good to be true. The 'catch' is that we only build tables in small batches, so we sell tables in limited quantities on a first-come-first-served basis. If you're quick to make a decision - you win So if you like this design, get it while you can! (hint: Sign up for our Email list to ensure you beat the rush on future design releases!)
  • Can I Order This In the Future?
    We don't know if we'll be able to offer this design again in the future. In order to provide quick delivery times to our customers, we practice a small batch production approach and only sell a limited number of each design. As we introduce new styles and different kinds of tables, we might never make it back to this design again. If you like it, get it now before someone else does! Sign up for our Email list to be notified when new designs drop!
  • Can I Submit a Custom Size, Finish, or Color Option?
    In order to keep prices low and deliver tables to our customers faster, we offer only the most desirable sizes, finishes, and colors for our table designs. If you've got time (and a healthy budget) for a totally custom-built piece with your own artistic touch, reach out via our 'Contact' page and we'll talk about next steps!
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.


We surveyed over 300,000 homeowners and found that the BEST closing gifts, according to homeowners, were high-quality home use gifts that were personalized specifically for the homeowner. Not fridge calendars, not wine, not a gift card. (They were particularly brutal about those)

The BEST gifts also had a hidden secret... If the Realtor made their best clients super happy with a great personalized gift, it brought them an ENORMOUS amount of organic Lead Generation! No more cold calls, no more door-knocking, and no more flyering!

Use Samara Table Co. Boards for a gift that will be proudly displayed in your client's home for YEARS. Utilize our Pre-Buy features to get your contact info and logo engraved on the back. After a dozen or so closings, you'll see an increase your organic Lead Gen - at least that's what our high-volume Realtors have told us!

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