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Cutting Boards that Cut Through the Noise:
The Revolutionary Realtor's Secret Weapon


In the competitive world of real estate, closing gifts have become a standard expression of gratitude from realtors to their clients. However, one Houston-based Air Force Veteran turned entrepreneur has transformed the traditional closing gift into a powerful marketing tool that has real estate agents across the country buzzing.


Meet Samara Table Co., the accidental masterminds behind a Revolution in Real Estate. Originally a random family gift, they've been crafting custom cutting and charcuterie boards that are the pride and joy of the recipient's kitchen decor. What sets these boards apart is not just their craftsmanship, but the strategic impact they have on realtors' businesses.


From Furniture to Fortune: A Serendipitous Shift


Samara Table Co.'s journey into the world of closing gifts was not a deliberate one. Originally a furniture company, Samara Table Co. sought a way to connect with local realtors in Houston. The idea: build them a cutting board as a closing gift. Little did they know, this seemingly simple gesture would evolve into a game-changing strategy for real estate professionals.

Jennie White, co-owner of Samara Table Co.

More Than a Gift, It's a Marketing Marvel

These custom boards are not merely tokens of appreciation; they are marketing marvels. Engraved with the client's name on the front and the realtor's name, logo, and phone number on the back, these boards become a lasting fixture in clients' homes. Displayed prominently in kitchens for decades, they become not just functional items but conversation starters.


What's the secret sauce? According to the Owner of Samara, Jennie White, it's the word-of-mouth referrals that these boards effortlessly generate. Unlike traditional closing gifts like wine or flowers that may be consumed or forgotten, these cutting boards become a daily part of clients' lives, leading to increased visibility for the realtor.

A Cost-Effective Investment in Success

Perhaps the most enticing aspect for real estate agents is that this marketing strategy doesn't cost them an extra penny. Samara Table Company's cutting boards are competitively priced, aligning with the budget realtors already allocate for closing gifts. It's not just a product; it's an investment that pays dividends in the form of new clients and increased sales.

Speedy Service, Veteran Style

As Veterans, the husband and wife team leading Samara Table Co. understand the importance of timeliness. Samara Table Co. boasts a one-day turnaround, beating out even the speediest giants like Amazon and Etsy. In the fast-paced world of real estate, where timing is everything, this quick service adds an extra layer of appeal.


In conclusion, Samara Table Company's custom cutting and charcuterie boards have proven to be more than just exquisite gifts—they are strategic tools that elevate the success of real estate professionals. As word spreads about this unconventional approach to closing gifts, it's clear that Samara Table Co. has carved out a niche that's not only revolutionizing the gift-giving game but reshaping the landscape of real estate marketing.

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